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About Keylight

What's to know about us?

Daring, unique, passionate and enchanting. These are the ingrained core values found throughout our entire collection of designer lighting. With our lighting, infuse every interior with a dash of magic that makes you gasp in wonder.

Welcome to the playground of lighting
Hidden in the beautiful countryside of the Veluwe, on the outskirts of the small town of Nijkerk, along the A28 motorway, stands Keylight’s eye-catching building. Nijkerk is our birthplace, the ground where we grew from small beginnings to a substantial and leading manufacturer of design lighting. This is the playground of lighting.

Lighting is inseparable from interiors. After all, every room needs light. To create atmosphere, to amaze people, to create life and to create experience. At Keylight, we know all about lighting. From raw materials, production to the end result and everything in between. Light is our passion, design is what runs through our veins.

Our story

This is how it all started

Why is good design lighting ever so expensive? We asked ourselves the same question back in 2005. Prices for a designer lamp easily run into several hundred euros. And even then it is uncertain whether it is worth it. We felt there must be another way. We gathered around, drew up plans, developed designs and voilà: Keylight was born!

Where lighting and design meet

Welcome to the playground of lighting

Where lighting and design meet

Welcome to the playground of lighting

Our mission

On a mission to create light

We think everyone should be able to enjoy design lighting. Since we were founded, we’ve had one goal: design affordable and timeless design lighting at an attractive price.

We have an extensive collection with countless designs for every interior. Our lighting is characterized by its smart design that blends into any interior.

But besides a fixed collection lighting, we also offer custom-made lighting. In our own production facility, we create tailor-made lighting according to your wishes so that you can make a difference in your projects.

Our story

The power of bespoke lighting

Keylight’s strength lies in its bespoke lighting solutions. That is why we offer you the option of having the lighting for your project custom-made to your requirements. This makes our lighting fit seamlessly with the architecture of spaces.

We have an in-house assembly department where we can produce lighting made entirely according to your wishes. Using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to provide endless variations in light outputs, dimmability options, luminosity colours and even coating luminaires in any colour you want.