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Magnet Track Lighting

A revolutionary lighting system

Magnet Track Lighting is a revolutionary, innovative and moreover energy-efficient lighting system that operates on as little as 48 volts. Thanks to its low voltage, this lighting system consumes significantly less energy than regular track lighting. Unlike regular track spots that are clicked into the track by means of a rotating latch, the spots of Magnet Track Lighting are held in place by a powerful magnet. Not only does this make it much easier to reposition the lighting, but its connector is also significantly smaller. This results in a sleek, slim and streamlined system that is perfectly at home in high-end environments.

Flexible and easy to adjust

Like regular track lighting systems, the magnet track system is a very flexible lighting solution for both in homes, and in commercial spaces such as retail, offices, and hospitality. The spotlights can be effortlessly and tool-free changed position whenever required, such as when furniture or objects in the interior change position.

Our collection Magnet Track lighting spots

We offer a wide range of various innovative spotlights that can be used in combination with the tracks, such as cylindrical rotatable spotlights, fixed and rotatable linear lights and light bars. This diversity makes it possible to put together a truly unique lighting system that explores all the boundaries of design and transforms spaces into eye-catching environments in which people will marvel.

Installation is a breeze

This easy-to-install track lighting system is available in three versions: recessed, surface-mounted and suspended. This offers endless possibilities in applications. For example, the recessed tracks can be mounted in the ceiling as well as in the wall. This creates a one-of-a-kind look in the room. The surface-mounted version is available in high and low versions. The tracks are powder coated with a high-quality coating and supplied in black as standard. On request, we can supply the spotlights as well as the tracks in a colour of your choice.

Questions about our Magnet Track Lighting?

Do you have questions about our Magnet Track Lighting, or would you like more information about our lighting? Of course, we can imagine that you might want to know a bit more about Magnet Track Lighting. Do not hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to help answer all your questions about our lighting. On weekdays between 08.30 and 17.30, call +31332462120, or use our contact form. Of course, you can also email us at