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Track Lighting

A flexible lighting solution

Track Lighting is a highly flexible lighting solution for a wide range of interior types. Thanks to its ingenious design, track lighting is applicable in both domestic and commercial spaces. In the past, track lighting was primarily found in commercial environments. This was mainly due to the uninspiring and industrious design of track spotlights. But these days, there are almost infinite designs, and you will find track lighting not only in commercial spaces, but also in residential, office, hotel and public spaces.

Suitable in almost any environment

Unlike fixed lighting, such as recessed or surface-mounted spotlights, track lighting offers the possibility of changing the spotlights’ position when needed. Therefore, this type of lighting is an extremely popular lighting option for retail environments. As a result, retailers in particular are able to change the interior of the shop without worrying about lighting positioning.

Standard and bespoke track lighting

Our track lighting is designed and manufactured with the utmost precision and care. This has allowed us to put together a very comprehensive and high-quality collection of track lighting that feels at home in any space. Whether you are a retailer or looking for a unique lighting solution for your home, you are sure to find it in our track lighting collection. In addition to our standard collection, we also offer the option of having track spotlights custom-made. After all, a shop has different lighting needs from a residential environment. Curious about the possibilities? Then feel free to contact us.

Questions about our Track Lighting?

Do you have questions about our Track Lighting, or would you like more information about our lighting? Of course, we can imagine that you might want to know a bit more about Track Lighting. Do not hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to help answer all your questions about our lighting. On weekdays between 08.30 and 17.30, call +31332462120, or use our contact form. Of course, you can also email us at