The last year we have been secretly working on a beautiful new addition to our already extensive lighting collection. We have crafted a luxurious new version of our Magnet Glow, made from high quality alabaster from the Zaragoza region in Spain. The surrounding Ebro Valley around Zaragoza are known for their premium quality alabaster veins.

With their simple but captivating design, the Glow Alabaster luminaires are seamlessly blending into various indoor environments. From the intimate ambiance of private homes to the chic allure of hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces, they enhance any setting with their warm glow.

Keylight Glow P Alabaster expo image
Keylight Glow P Alabaster expo image

The stylish orbs of our Glow series are a luxurious addition to your spaces, merging a soft light with the natural marble look of the Alabaster.

Glow P Alabaster

This Glow P Alabaster is the elegant pendant version of the new series. It is available in three sizes, so you’ll find one suitable for all of your surface lighting needs. Whether you are looking for a subtle light above your night stand or a larger eye-catcher above your dining table, we’ve got you covered.

Experience ultimate control with the included phase cut dimmable driver, allowing you to tailor the atmosphere to your preference. Choose between the warmth of 2700K or 3000K colour temperatures. Illuminate your space with the enchanting Glow Alabaster series and elevate your surroundings with its exquisite charm.

Keylight Glow P Alabaster 150 black
Keylight Glow P Alabaster 120 black
Keylight Glow P Alabaster 100 black

Magnet & Magnet XS Glow Alabaster

Next to the elegant pendant version we’ve also added an Alabaster version of the original Magnet Glow, slightly smaller but not less captivating. Last but not least, our brand new Magnet XS track system received a Glow Alabaster track spot as well.

Both the Magnet and Magnet XS track systems come with multiple (wireless) dimming options for you to choose between. Both are available in warm 2700K or 3000K colour temperatures, just like the pendant version.

Keylight Magnet Glow Alabaster black
Keylight Magnet XS Glow Alabaster black

Available end of August 2024

The new Glow Alabaster series is scheduled to become available at the end of August 2024. Until then, you can find all the information about these new additions on their product pages. Want to incorporate them into your projects and pre-order them? Don’t hesitate to contact us for all the latest information and the prices.