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Bossenbroek Man and Woman

30 october 2016

Bossenbroek Man and Woman in Voorthuizen has been a well-known name in the field of stylish men’s and women’s clothing since 1923. Recently, in collaboration with Powerlight, we provided the renewed store with a unique lighting concept with sustainable Fortimo SLM Premium White led spots. The result is exceptional!

There is a lot of work done! The entire shop is equipped with sustainable LED spots with innovative LED modules from Philips. In this lighting concept the Philips Fortimo SLM Premium White module was chosen. These revolutionary modules provide a crisp and vibrant look for the clothing and let the true colours stand out perfectly.

Bossenbroek MAn And Woman

In cooperation with Liefting Elektro, we took a thorough redesign of the renovated shop. First of all, we listened to the wishes of the customer. Based on this, we created a sophisticated and energy-saving lighting plan. We highlighted the various zones in the store using rail heaters as basic lighting. These spotlights are equipped with the innovative Premium White LED modules from Philips. These modules increase the colour trueness of the products, make white look truly white and increase the colour intensity.

Bossenbroek Man And Woman
Executive director
Bossenbroek Man & Woman
Binnenbrand Architects