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Denham Headquarters Amsterdam

7 februari 2019

Denham is a clothing label that rings a bell with many a people. Denham’s jeans are currently sold in more than 20 countries and, as Jason Denham once said, “Jeans are an everyday occurrence in the streets of Amsterdam and have become a real obsession”. So it’s not surprising that Denham, after founding the label in 2008, established its headquarters in Amsterdam.

After the shop in Rotterdam and the corner shop on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, the headquarters on the old NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam is since then the third project we were commissioned to carry out for Denham. Together with Architect Puig, we were once again asked to design and realize a state-of-the-art lighting plan for this impressive headquarters.

What did we do?

The head office is divided into several areas, each requiring a different light colour and intensity. For example, we have equipped all workstations and showrooms with an energy-efficient 3-phase rail spot from our subsidiary Keylight, which is equipped with an innovative Premium White LED module from Philips. This module ensures that the white tones and colors are emphasized in the clothing and makes white look real white.

No less important is the circular aspect of this project. We have reused the old industrial lights, which were already present in the building before the arrival of Denham. The spots have been completely refurbished and equipped with an energy-efficient LED module. By using and preserving this “vintage” lighting, a nostalgic and characteristic ambiance is created.

Catering and hospitality

In the headquarters you will also find a convivial restaurant and lunchroom for the staff. We have provided the catering area with attractive decorative lighting. This lighting contributes to the homely feeling that the hospitality area tries to convey.