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Jac Hensen Amersfoort

27 february 2017

Jac Hensen is a renowned fashion store in the heart of Amersfoort, the Netherlands. After years of success, the owner decided to provide the shop with a whole new look, and a new lighting concept is indispensable.

In this concept we have chosen for build-in LED spots and track lighting that blend into the ceiling without being noticeable. To highlight the clothing on the racks, we have used build-in and adjustable LED spots equipped with high quality Philips Fortimo SLM modules. The isles throughout the rest of the store are highlighted by using trackspots, also equipped with the Fortimo SLM modules. Together with the ledlines along the recessed ceiling elements, the result is truly breathtaking.

Jac Hensen Amersfoort
Executive director
Jac Hensen Amersfoort