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Headquarters Just Brands

19 december 2018

The Dutch fashion group Just Brands has recently expanded its headquarters in Lijnden, The Netherlands, with more than 8000 square meters. Just Brands moved from Amsterdam to Lijnden in 2009. The new building is open for over a month and is equipped with the latest sustainable alternatives for energy, including solar panels. The lighting also had to meet the sustainability requirements.

Just Brands asked us to create a unique and well thought out lighting plan that seamlessly connects to the industrial interior. The interior is characterized by robust materials such as wood, steel and vintage furniture. No less important are the requirements when it comes to sustainability. The entire building is equipped with solar panels, ‘concrete core activation’ method to keep the building at a constant temperature, but also the lighting had to meet the sustainability requirements.

In collaboration with the architect and designers of Just Brands we have developed a unique lighting plan for the office area, the lounges, seats in the public areas, the company restaurant and the showroom which compliments the sturdy interior.

What have we done

The spaces are equipped with black 3-phase tracks with an energy-efficient track spot which we had custom made especially for Just Brands. Subsequently, we used sturdy industrial hanging lamps in the highlighted areas to create just that little extra emphasis. All lighting is equipped with energy-efficient LED light sources and LED modules.

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