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Kimman Jaguar Landrover

27 february 2017

Kimman opened it’s doors in the year of 1884. A broad history that started from building carriages, and over a span of more than 130 years, evolutionized into selling the luxurious brands Jaguar and Land Rover. Kimman was the first official agent of the Jaguar brand in The Netherlands. Today we have developed experience with the brands for more than 70 years.

Recently, Kimman’s renovated showroom opened in Amsterdam Zuidoost. A beautiful building that meets all contemporary requirements that matches the the style of Jaguar and Landrover in the coming years. For this renovation we were invited for the second time to develop a unique and exclusive lighting concept to complement Kimman’s new house style.

For this automotive showroom we have chosen for a high quality LED track lighting system with LED spots and recessed downlights. The cars are highlighted perfectly with the right amount of light and brightness.

Kimman Amsterdam
Executive director
Kimman Jaguar Landrover
VBJ Rhenen