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Luxurious apartment Utrecht

1 february 2018

In February 2018 we were commissioned to provide a luxurious apartment, opposite the FC Utrecht football stadium, with a well thought out and unique lighting plan.

Basic lighting

In this stylishly finished apartment we have used double and single Jazz surface-mounted luminaires from our house label Keylight. These minimalist and timeless luminaires are equipped with an energy efficient QR111 LED light source with a warm white light color of 3000k. All ambient lighting is easy to dim to a warmer light color and less intensity.

Highlighted statement

In the living room is a prominent statement-object present. A large vase containing a changing bouquet of flowers is highlighted from the ceiling by 5 randomly placed round and rotating recessed spotlights, the Stick Trimless Keylight. These frameless spots are randomly placed ad for a whimsical and unique effect in the ceiling. The spots are equipped with a high-quality and dimmable LED module so that the customer can adjust the intensity and light color as desired.


In the corridor and the entrance hall we used the above mentioned surface-mounted Jazz luminaires. In addition, we have given this space some extra accent by placing elegant wall fixtures, the Block W by Keylight. This wall fixture reflects light upwards and downwards and creates a playful light effect on the wall.

Decorative lighting

In addition, we have equipped the house with various decorative lighting to accentuate the spaces. For example, above the cooking island we have used coloured glass pendant lights of the brand Studio Italia. At one of the windows we placed a stylish floor lamp by Brand van Egmond next to the armchair.


In the bathroom, in addition to a single surface-mounted spotlight, above the stand-alone bathtub we have placed 2 elegant recessed spotlights with each fixture a luxurious pendant with crystals that reflect the light from the spotlight on the walls and ceiling. These spots are equipped with an energy-efficient RGB-W spot and can be set in any light color as desired via the home automation system in this house.

Fam. Suyker
T&B Montage