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Luxury Home Veenendaal

20 december 2017

In December 2017 we were commissioned for a fantastic new build project in Veenendaal. For this contemporary single house in the middle of the nature around Veenendaal we were asked to design the lighting concept. The client requested that the lighting should fit seamlessly with the streamlined design of the interior. Simplicity and elegance are the principles.

First of all, we have provided the entire house with sophisticated ambient lighting. We have used double recessed fixtures which are equipped with durable led light bulbs. The word “ambient lighting” discloses of course all its function. This type of lighting provides the foundation for illuminating the rooms and rooms of your home. Besides basic lighting, we have also used elegant decorative lighting to complete the lighting and appearance of the house.

Luxury Home Veenendaal

Equally important is accent lighting in a home. To give extra attention to certain areas in the house we have used built-in wall fixtures in the staircase, the living room, the bedrooms and the bathroom. These fixtures light out the floor in the evening with subtle and soft light so that one can orientate in the dark without having to use the basic lighting. These so-called “trimless”, or borderless fixtures, fit seamlessly with the tightly plastered walls.

Architect / Builder
Executive director
Groene Grens
Bijzonder Wonen Veenendaal