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Sell Plastics

22 april 2014

Sell Plastics has grown into one of the most innovative and flexible injection moulding companies in the Benelux. At their new production location they have made significant progress in the field of automation, logistics and sustainability. For their new production facility and office building Keylight was asked to develop a sustainable lighting concept that would last for years.

In this lighting concept, energy efficiency and effectiveness were paramount. In the production hall we used energy-efficient HighBay hanging lamps. These innovative LED pendant lamps have a high lumen package, a high CRI and a very high light output so that the production hall is well lit.

Sell Plastics

In the office spaces we have used double recessed spotlights which are equipped with a QR111 LED module. This ensures a pleasant working light. In addition, a number of rooms, such as the meeting rooms and meeting rooms, are equipped with decorative hanging lights to give the interior extra accent.

In the entrance hall we used a large Deltalight brand pendant as an eye-catcher. The corridors and corridors are equipped with subtle recessed spotlights as basic lighting and the staircases are equipped with stylish wall lamps.

Sell Plastics
Executive director
Sell Plastic b.v.