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Van Duinkerken

27 february 2017

To get off to a good start with your holiday, you go to camping store Van Duinkerken in Nijkerk. This recently opened store offers a full range of sports, camping and recreational products like caravans, tents, shoes, and many more. Recently we have been able to provide this giant camping shop with a sophisticated lighting concept.

The shop has a high ceiling of over 6 meters high, so it was quite a challenge to illuminate the shop floor properly. As basic lighting we used LED HighBay floodlights throughout the store. These high intensity pendant fixtures have a high number of lumens so that the shop floor from the high ceiling is well lit.

Rail lighting

In addition, we have provided all shelves, shelves and shop windows with sustainable rail lighting. With these dimmable spotlights, the clothes, mannequins and other products are illuminated with the right light intensity.

Van Duinkerken Nijkerk


The warehouse has been provided with a unique lighting plan. Here we have used our Eco light lines. Aside from the fact that these fixtures have a minimal energy consumption, they optimally illuminate the entire space with a lumen package that is specially tailored for this space.

Executive director
Van Duinkerken Recreatie b.v.
Bronsvoort Blaak Architecten BNA